Bootcamps cover all the basics in enough detail to enable you to make real photographic decisions.

You'll walk away knowing when to use manual or automatic exposure. You'll know how to control both depth of field and movement within the image. You will also cover the best way to select and use the right focal length for any situation.

Bootcamps cost $99 and sessions last between three and four hours depending on numbers and always involve some basic theory but there is lots of practice.


Street Photography is truly an artform in its own right. It breaks all of the conventional rules of photography and sets a few new ones of its own.

This session looks at methods of working really close to people, it covers the framing an image for maximum impact and other techniques that help you tell your story.

The Street sessions cost $99 and last around four hours. There is not much theory because a certain degree of camera foreknowledge is preferred.


If Street photography is an artform then Macro Photography is a true science. It has its own special rules that you would never normally encounter or have to overcome in your everyday photography.

The Macro sessions cost $99 and last around four hours. There is some theory because working this close brings a whole new set of problems with it. However, no experience is required because this session is all about gaining hands-on knowledge.


Lightroom has become the Workflow management tool of the professional with a large throughput of RAW files. This is essential learning for the photographer who produces more than a hundred images a session as it is also both non-destructive and an extremely efficient way of working.

Lightroom sessions cost $99, last around four hours and take place at The Edge which is part of the State Library.

Photoshop as ubiquitous as the camera for all photogrtaphers. Even if you only use it make simple adjustments to contrast or colour balance, it has to be done. Once you master the basic workings, turning an image into full-on masterpiece will be a synch.

Photoshop sessions cost $99, last around four hours and take place at The Edge, part of the State Library.


This Photoshop Masterclass is four hours entirely devoted to the art of true non-destructive editing and is not really for the beginner.

You may have heard that working in layers is not-destructive but this is wrong, it's merely delayed-destructive. The effect on the image and the Histogram is the same, in the end, as working directly on the image. Learn how to work in the only way that is truly non-destructive, to improve your very best images for either folio or exhibition.

This Photoshop Masterclass costs $99 and last around four hours and takes place at The Edge, part of the State Library.

Panoramic Photography, with the spread of Photoshop and other much cheaper stitching software and even freeware has become the new artform that anyone can try.

To greatly simplify all of the post production work in the computer a panoramic head is used that requires some basic theory but is easy to master and these and other work-arounds are supplied on the day.

This Panorama Masterclass costs $99 and takes place somewhere that is both interesting and different for each session.